File indexing service with Index Search Assistant
File indexing service to index files for faster search


Advantages of Index Search


Searching for missing files using powerful tools, such as File Search Assistant (FSA), is certainly convenient and fast. However, FSA has advanced features and options for even more convenient searching. One of such options is creation of search index. This is a faster way to look for missing files at specific locations. For example, if a user often looks for documents located on a flash drive or DVD (or any other location, such as shared folder located at remote ftp) why not save all settings and choices? Indexing files in a specified location as well as “fine-tuning” software is rather helpful in effective search for files.


Index files with File Search Assistant


When starting index search File Search Assistant will ask users to make choices, namely:

  • Dynamic re-indexing. It is possible either to enable or disable dynamic re-indexing. This feature is helpful if information in target location is often changed. Thus, software will automatically update index if any changed were made (new files showed up or some files were deleted).

  • Disabled dynamic re-indexing is recommended for searches in CDs.

  • Short and full index. Index with full text of files requires more disc space while short index contains only keywords. Also, short search index enables a faster search.

  • Portable and full index. Portable index has relative paths to files which is good if these paths can change.

  • Index location. Users may choose where the index file will be located so that this file can be easily accessed.

  • Index folder. Users may specify locations of missing files. Moreover, it is possible to choose subfolders for a more precise search.

  • Index file extensions. This is the best part of indexing. Users may choose what file types File Search Assistant should look for. This significantly narrows down search results. For example, users may search for txt or xml files only. Moreover, it is possible to exclude certain extensions from search. This feature enables getting more precise search results.

Open index file in File Search Assistant

File indexing reduces search time since there is no need to enter search details over and over again. Although index files can be created only in PRO versions, it is possible to use FSA freeware to open index files and search by index. It should be mentioned that creation of index file is relatively easy even for users without proper software experience. File Search Assistant offers tips and a short outline for each option, thus it will be easy to make choices.

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